Choosing Bathtub Safe Products

After a long tiring day, having a warm bathtub to dive in can be very relaxing. Most of us use our bathtubs as our personal home spa, where we can relax and enjoy an all body bath submerge with our favorite bathtub products. 

As our favorite bathtub products help rejuvenate our skin, we also have to make sure that these products wont damage or clog the pipes of our bathtubs. Before we dive into a relaxing night of candle lights, wine, and aroma on the side, choose bathtub safe products to avoid any interruption to your private get away this weekend on your bathtub: 

Bath bombs 

Don’t we just love bath bombs? Aside from the magic it does when it’s submerged in your tub, bath bombs are aromatic and can definitely rejuvenate your skin. Plus, they are bathtub safe! Yay! Bath bombs don’t cause clogs or hardened on the pipes, this can actually help remove clogs too, as bath bombs contains baking soda, which often used to unclog pipes. But do check with other bath bombs, because some of them have surprises like gems or even toys inside for customers so you might want to look for that after it has dissolve on your tub.  

Shower Gels 

Shower gels are generally safe not just for bathtubs, yes though this is obvious, we still want to include this one as some of us may then to use soap and often forget it while we enjoy our bath on the tub and might accidentally get flushed and cause clogs. Avoid calling your plumber for emergency bath tub repair, and use shower gels.  

Bath salts 

When having a bath tub moment, bath salts are the best. Like bath bombs, they just dissolve right away and won’t cause any trouble with your plumbing. But look out for bath salts that won’t dissolve right away, this can cause build up on your pipe if you happen to flush them. They may also stick with other things that got stuck on the pipe so, choose smaller type of bath salts.  

Essential Aroma Oils 

Oil can harden over time on pipes, but you can use drops of aromatic oils during your bath tub moment. Instead of flower petals for extra aroma, essential aroma oils are safer for your pipes, plus no hard done of flowers, remember they are important to our ecosystem.  

Shampoo bars 

Regular shampoos are okay, but we highly suggest shampoo bars. Aside from the fact that it is way more environment safe as shampoo bars do not require packaging and they last longer that regular shampoo, they are bath tub safe too. So, when relaxing and pampering your hair, use shampoo bars. You can save the environment as well as taking care of your bath tub.  

Using bath tub safe products can help you maintain a healthy and avoid unnecessary bath tub repairs. You can search online for more bath tub safe products, plus some of them are actually organic and environment friendly. Your bath tub is your safe space and your personal relaxing spa at home, so take good care of it.